1. The flight organisation starts with your call, fax or your request through internet (www.nobil-air.com). Our manager will contact you in case of a fax or internet request.

In case of you phone request the work begins immediately.

The manager will answer to all your questions and will consult you regarding our jet, airport of departure, service, catering etc. From the moment of your request the manager is responsible for the flight organization till the moment of its ending.

2. Then the operations department calculates the route cost and plans the route for the required airports, dates and time.

3. After the route confirmation the manager will help you with all formalities (contract, the request form etc.)

4. 24 hours before take-off (standard) or earlier (if urgent) you will have all the required information like: jet identification number, flight number, responsible persons’ names and mobile phone numbers, place and time of meeting etc.

5. In the airport our employee will meet you and will accompany you during the flight and will take care details.

6. During the flight you can change the route, schedule, number of passengers and other parameters.

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