MIA AIRLINES is a Romanian aircraft operator company, specialized in providing a high quality executive and VIP air transport services, covering a wide range of destination all over the world.
Having the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority approval (AOC no.017), Mia Airlines is a relatively young company in Romania, launched in the first year of the new millennium, but having a considerable aviation background, fact who recommend us, as a professional partner for your business travel.
Our fleet contains a number of 4 aircrafts, middle and long courier, designed to satisfy the most demanding travel schedules to a very high standards.
All of them are maintained to strict JAA and manufacturer standards by experienced and dedicated engineers, JAR 145 approved.
The professional crew and flight attendants are experienced and qualified, able to perform any flight to the highest standards of safety and excellence.
Needless to say, you can enjoy all benefits of the quality of our refurbished airplane featuring the new and elegant design, the advantage of the business facilities and state-of-the-art navigation/communication equipment including Air Show on flat screen tv’s, Satcom, TCAS, BRNAV, 8,33 Khz. spacing, etc.

«Enjoy the VIP flights»    
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