Once you book a VIP charter with us we offer you a personal jet for the required period with the possibility to change the flight parameters like:

• Date and time of departure;
• Airport of departure;
• Destination airport;
• Route;
• Number of passengers;
• Menu and other flight details.

With VIP charter you get fastened passport and customs control through VIP lounges in airports. A VIP charter offers you the possibility to fly alone.

During the flight you can relax drinking a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and enjoying delicious meal and beautiful views from outside or you can watch DVD movies or listen to music or you can continue doing business directly from the jet through Satellite phone.

VIP-services in airports
At the client’s will we can organize flights from almost any airport from CIS and other Eurasian countries.

We offer our clients the possibility to use VIP halls in airports that makes customs and passport control easy and fast.

In VIP halls the client can go into cafes and bars or visit souvenir and perfume shops or relax in comfortable special rooms with video and audio devices and polite and pleasant personnel.

The passengers are free to use the restaurants and bars services, to visit the duty free or other shops while our representative will arrange all formalities. With 15 minutes before the flight the passengers are invited in a separate vehicle of the VIP hall that will bring them to the plane.

VIP Catering
The main principle of VIP catering is the possibility to order specific food and drinks.

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All the products are of the highest quality. The alcoholic drinks available on board in case the client didn’t order something specific are: cognac, whisky, Russian vodka, Moldavian wines, liqueors, gins, and other drinks.

While booking a flight you can specify what kind of food and drink you prefer.

The most important principle of our activity is confidentiality of the information on your flights.

• we guarantee no access of third parties to the information about our flights;
• the list of passengers is not divulged without their approval;
• the information about the flight is available only to our company’s personnel that asure the flight service;
• all the personnel that have acces to flight information are verified and bear personal responsibility for its confidentiality.